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I’ve been wondering why I even have cable TV anymore. I pay over $100 a month for 500 channels of which I only watch a handful. I know there are probably more shows that I would watch but they usually get lost in the scrolling guide shuffle. Until now that is. Now there is Peel, a pear shaped device that identifies the type of programming that I’ll probably like and serves them up to me on my iPhone which also replaces the hand held remote.


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D.Sgn iPad Clutches is quickly becoming on of Geekd’s favorite flash sale sites. One of today’s sales feature these stylish iPad case designs by D.Signs. Made for the chic girl that probably knew all the major differences between the iPhone 4 and 4S before it was released.

These embossed croc iPad cases by D.sgns are a perfect touch of class in the hard cased world of tech.

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Ernest Alexander New York

Ernest Alexander New York originally launched as a simple men’s bag line focused on craftsmanship, functionality and style. Over the years, they have expanded that concept into a full line of cut and sewn garments and bags specifically designed for casually toting your techs.

Wax iPad Carrier Sleeves (Available in a variety of colors)

The classic prep styling and hearty material selections would be welcomed at lazy days in the Hamptons or work days in LES. 

Wax Laptop Sleeve

Speaking of LES, Ernest Alexander opened their first retail shop in LES just yesterday. But this brick & mortor location is only scheduled to last through the holiday season.

Ernest Alexander Holiday Pop Up Shop
9 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002

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Rickshaw Bagworks: Another San Francisco Treat

These sustainable laptop and iPad cases by Rickshaw Bagworks have accomplish minimalist style with minimal waste. Each item is built to order in the San Francisco based Rickshaw warehouse where they design bags for the urban dweller that finds them self commuting in a hybrid, on a bike, or some form public transportation more often than not.

Mini  Commuter Messenger Bag

iPad 2 Sleeve

MacBook Pro Sleeve

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If you’re a user of the popular photo sharing service Instagram, then you should get Geek’d about Casetagram. Yet another method to display your photographic genius. Casetagram takes your iPhone case to the next level with custom designs personally selected from your Instagram gallery.

You can create your own case with one of three different layouts all on the Casetagram site. You might even gain a few more followers once everyone starts admiring your incredible new case.

It’s so easy Geek’d even created one of our own in less than 5 mins.

Custom Design by Geek’d Two5

When being different isn’t different enough, go custom.

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If you in or around the Los Angeles area between today and October 27th, swing by’s Pop Up store on La Brea and check out their collection of unique and distinct sustainable goods. This eco-lifestyle site created by Adrian Grenier and Pete Glatzer features a collection of earth friendly products that may just open your eyes to a whole new world of green living.

Audiowood iPad Perch

Pharox Solar Kit

For a limited time, buy one Pharox Solar Kit, and SHFT will donate one to Empowered by Light’s Project: ZAMBIA program, providing renewable energy solutions to Zambian homes with no access to electricity. 

Silva Bamboo MacBook Case

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