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Add a New Hue

Holga iPhone Lens is the nine in one iPhone camera adapator that snaps on like a cover and allows you to choose from a selection of hues to spice up your mobile pics. Nowadays everything is all about customization and this little gadget gives you just that. Grab one before the other holiday shoppers wipe them all out. Check out Photojojo store for more fun gear too.

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Zip Head Phones

If you will for a moment, please turn your attention the every present battle against tangled headphone cords. These zipper designs brought to you by designer Ji Woong, help take away the hassle and even add some spunk with quick zip technology. These headphones even come complete with remote control action on the zipper tab. It just goes to show you, sometimes the best solution is the easiest.

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OBEY and Check These Out

Back in 1989, Shepard Fairey started OBEY with a stylized image of Andre the Giant. Now it’s a worldwide recognized brand including a clothing line complete with the now requisite techcessory selection.

Commuter Pack

OBEY’S classic backpack features tons of room and a separated laptop slot.

Uptown Notebook Sleeve

Combining OBEY’s streetwear past with a touch of class.

Venice Laptop Bag

Great design with a throw to West Coast style and padded protection too.

Global Warming Bag

Foam padded with a custom screen-print and a message.

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It’s not Magic… It’s the Magic Cube

Bigger isn’t always better and more isn’t always merrier. Proof lies in the latest device from Korean company Celluon whose LASERKEY design replaces the need for a traditional keyboard with a virtual holographic display that tracks your typing on any flat surface.

Given the rapid technological developments, people can now enjoy the comfort of large LCD monitors, greater access to information through wireless networking, and the use of portable devices. However, despite the advanced transformations that have taken place, people are still hindered by the lack of portability in traditional input applications such as the standard keyboard and foldable keyboard.

The Magic Cube is an ultra-portable, full-sized virtual computer keyboard.

The Cube is a compact and versatile product; it’s a multi-touch capable mouse, a laser projection keyboard and a handwriting recognition device, all in one easy-to-use product.

This is the future and the future looks bright.

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Out of Print iPhone Cases

These iPhone cases by Out of Print make it easy to take your favorite book everywhere you want. What’s better than that? Well, for every item sold, Out of Print donates a book to a community in need. One for One.

"It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen."

"It excited him, too, that many men had already loved Daisy - it increased her value in his eyes."

"Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird."

Go on. Help spread the love of a great book.

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Elasty iPhone 4 Case

Innovation is the crossroad of design and functionality. The Elasty iPhone case is the essence of exactly that. Stop chocking your phone with the headphone cord death wrap and start snugly tucking them for safe keeping.

If iPhone wallets just aren’t your style and you want to maintain your phone’s slender physique, then this case for you. There’s only one problem… It DOESN’T EXIST… yet. 

Brought to life by designer Yoori Koo and honored with a Korean Belkin Design Award, I hoping we don’t have to wait much longer to see this case stocked on Apple Store shelves.

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You Ought to Know about OttLite

This sleek desk lamp by OttLite may give you a reason to finally tidy up your desk. The modern and efficient design was developed by OttLite, a company that has specialized in developing high definition natural lighting options for the past 50 plus years. This particular design caught our attention for one obvious reason, it’s seemingly iPod/iPhone adaptability. 

There’s only one problem, after all the research we’ve done on this product, we have not been able to find any specific details about the speaker or iPhone adaptable feature. Proceed with caution. Geek’d would hate to have any of it’s readers purchase a product that was not something it’s perceived to be. But hey, it sure is nice to look at.

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Native Union Handsets

You’ll never have to worry about misplacing another tiny Bluetooth earpiece if you stick with Native Union’s range of mobile device handsets. Hong Kong based Native Union has developed an impressive line of handsets that are sleek, funky, stylish, and timeless. No matter what your style may be Native Union has a handset to fit your personal predilection.

For the Saavy- Moshi Moshi04i

For the Geek - Moshi Moshi 02

For the Hip - Pop Phone

For the Yuppy - Moshi Moshi 3i

CES 2011 Best of Show award finalist from

For the Princess- Crystal Pink Pop

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