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Molami Headphones

Heaphone designer Molami is certainly taking the competitive headphone market to another level. These futuristic incredibly style conscious headphones were created by former fashion journalist turned industrial designer Maria von Euler. And blogs are a buzz about von Euler’s forethought to design a line of headphones that specifically accentuate female bone structure.

Molami’s has hand selected some of the most luxurious textiles and metals available including nappa leather, stingray, silk and 18k gold. Again, these are headphones we’re talking about. 

In addition to those fine accompaniments, all Molami headphones also feature a microphone and remote, to easily swap between calls or your playlists. Looks like they’ve thought of about everything haven’t they?

Molami Premium Headphones are designed from a fashion standpoint, worn as a selected accessory and tailored for the contemporary urban individual.

Check out their recent launch event coverage at Daad Dantone in Milan, Italy or more pics. 

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D.Sgn iPad Clutches is quickly becoming on of Geekd’s favorite flash sale sites. One of today’s sales feature these stylish iPad case designs by D.Signs. Made for the chic girl that probably knew all the major differences between the iPhone 4 and 4S before it was released.

These embossed croc iPad cases by D.sgns are a perfect touch of class in the hard cased world of tech.

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The Hundreds x Hex Code Wallet

As a fan of The Hundreds and regular reader of Bobby Hundred’s posts on the blog, Geek’d should have seen this collaboration coming because we first learned about Hex from a Hundreds post. The recent collabo on a Hex Code Wallet only makes sense and it happens to look great too.

 Take a peek at how street wear and tech gear come together for a well executed version of the original Hex iPhone wallet.

This limited release will go quick but there’s no need to wait outside a store like it’s an exclusive sneaker drop. Instead, Hex has made these available for pre-order but only a short time. Go get ‘em.

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It’s Hard Not to Love… Hard Graft

Geek’d loves learning about new techcessory designers especially ones that bring a handmade and hearty aesthetic to the table. Hard Graft is the epitome of that essence. Since 2006, they have developed a breath of products made from natural materials that introduce a warm sexy rugged feel to a world of cold sleek shiny things. Hard Graft is worthy to be Geek’d about.

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Far East Movement x Hex Backpack Collabo

If you are in the Long Beach, CA area this weekend, swing by the International Secret Agents Festival and you might be lucky enough to scoop up one of the exclusive Far East Movement Signature line of Hex bags.

You probably already know Hex for their ipod watches and iPhone Code wallets.

If you didn’t already know, Hex is definitely becoming a major player in the game so keep your eyes open for lots more gear to come. 

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Golden Ideas from Alchemy Goods

Geek’d came across Alchemy Goods while perusing We think AG describes their own philosophy best:

While medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, we strive to turn useless stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seatbelts and advertising banners into useful stuff like bags and wallets. 

They have done just that with a full line of great looking bags including a couple below for comfortably carting around your laptops and whatnots.

Westlake Laptop Bag

Laptop Sleeve

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Incase x A.P.C.

Yet another solid collaboration from Incase. This time with the world renowned French premium denim manufacturer A.P.C. Incase is a long time Geek’d favorite and any fashion connoisseur, Geek’d included, knows that A.P.C. delivers nothing but quality, classic, and raw styles. That’s why this collaboration is c’est magnifique!

A.P.C. Protective Sleeve
for 15” MacBook Pro
A.P.C. Book Jacket 
for iPad 2

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The September Issue: Designer Techcessories

The change in seasons is upon us and like every great fashion magazine, Geek’d is happy to usher in the Fall season with a look at must have designer techcessories for Fall 2011. All of the major designers have smartly incorporated techcessories into their collections because everyone knows a iPad case is just as important as a quality handbag these days. Here’s a quick look.

3.1 Phillip Lim Lynus Rabbit iPad case: $750

Louis Vuitton Monogram and Damier Graphite iPad Cases: $390

Salvatore Ferragamo iPad Case: $390

Marc Jacobs Star Earbuds:$38.00

Available in 3 color choices.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Snake effect leather iPad case: $130

Valentino Leather iPad case:$495

Stella McCartney Falabella faux leather iPad sleeve: $415

Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Print 15” Computer Commuter: $128.00

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