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Add a New Hue

Holga iPhone Lens is the nine in one iPhone camera adapator that snaps on like a cover and allows you to choose from a selection of hues to spice up your mobile pics. Nowadays everything is all about customization and this little gadget gives you just that. Grab one before the other holiday shoppers wipe them all out. Check out Photojojo store for more fun gear too.

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We Never Thought We’d See This Day

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for following Geek’d 2.5. We’re just nine followers away from hitting 200 and year ago when I started this blog I never thought it would get past 11.

So, thanks for following and keeping posting on your blogs too. 200 may seem like a lot to me now but who knows what next year will bring.

Happy Holidays!

- Stay Geek’d -

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Zip Head Phones

If you will for a moment, please turn your attention the every present battle against tangled headphone cords. These zipper designs brought to you by designer Ji Woong, help take away the hassle and even add some spunk with quick zip technology. These headphones even come complete with remote control action on the zipper tab. It just goes to show you, sometimes the best solution is the easiest.

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OBEY and Check These Out

Back in 1989, Shepard Fairey started OBEY with a stylized image of Andre the Giant. Now it’s a worldwide recognized brand including a clothing line complete with the now requisite techcessory selection.

Commuter Pack

OBEY’S classic backpack features tons of room and a separated laptop slot.

Uptown Notebook Sleeve

Combining OBEY’s streetwear past with a touch of class.

Venice Laptop Bag

Great design with a throw to West Coast style and padded protection too.

Global Warming Bag

Foam padded with a custom screen-print and a message.

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Molami Headphones

Heaphone designer Molami is certainly taking the competitive headphone market to another level. These futuristic incredibly style conscious headphones were created by former fashion journalist turned industrial designer Maria von Euler. And blogs are a buzz about von Euler’s forethought to design a line of headphones that specifically accentuate female bone structure.

Molami’s has hand selected some of the most luxurious textiles and metals available including nappa leather, stingray, silk and 18k gold. Again, these are headphones we’re talking about. 

In addition to those fine accompaniments, all Molami headphones also feature a microphone and remote, to easily swap between calls or your playlists. Looks like they’ve thought of about everything haven’t they?

Molami Premium Headphones are designed from a fashion standpoint, worn as a selected accessory and tailored for the contemporary urban individual.

Check out their recent launch event coverage at Daad Dantone in Milan, Italy or more pics. 

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Headphonies Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our first official Geek’d giveaway.

He won the Inked Heaphonie character speaker and even took it to work for a test drive. He and his coworkers commented on how loud it was. Some one even remarked “That lil thing?”, in total disbelief.

Look out for Geekd’s next Giveaway in the coming months. You could be the next lucky winner.

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aFrame Audio Artwork

Music is art and art is music and it’s never been so intertwined as with Brooklyn based aWall Designs aFrame speakers that double as delightfully graphic framed wall hangings. 

Hidden behind each replaceable canvas and handmade wood frame are two 6.5” speakers, 60-Watt digital amplifier and Bluetooth audio receiver compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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DoDoCase for iPad2

The DodoCase is smarter than it’s namesake. These cases look identical to traditionally bound hardcover books and they snugly carry your iPad and act as convenient stand, as well.

They come in a variety of traditional bold colors

Plus some more creative designs to round out the selection. 

*Now with magnets to activate the iPad 2’s auto wake/sleep function. 

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